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Workshop Towards and Evidence-Based Decision-Making for Cities in Africa

By on May 2, 2018

CEU San Pablo and Universidad Politecnica de Madrid are offering a free workshop called Towards an Evidence-Based Decision-Making for Cities in Africa.  The initiative is coordinated by the Development Cooperation groups ICHaB-ETSAM (Polytechnic University of Madrid) and HD_LAB (CEU San Pablo University). 

The Workshop will take place on May 24 and 25, 2018, and is supported by both Universities, as well as the Architects Association of Madrid.

Objectives of the workshop

The main objective of this workshop is to introduce to the participants the urban observatory model as a mechanism for producing better urban information for better decision-making. Specifically, the workshop aims to achieve the following:

  •   Provide knowledge on how to set up a functioning and sustainable urban observatory;
  •   Introduce the tools and approaches developed for urban monitoring by UN-Habitat (e.g. CityProsperity Index);
  •   Introduce the SDG 11 targets and indicators and in general SDG 11 Monitoring Framework
  •   Share experiences in urban reporting and dissemination of urban indicators.

Workshop expected results

  •   Knowledge on how to set up and maintain urban observatories;
  •   Strengthened understanding of the Urban Observatory networks and the roles played by the national and Local Urban Observatories in global monitoring of urban agendas;
  •   Increased knowledge about the tools and approaches for urban monitoring (e.g. City ProsperityIndex)
  •   Increased knowledge about the SDG 11 monitoring framework
  •   Increased knowledge about the SDG 11 indicators
  •   Improved understanding of the SDGs and CPI linkages as comprehensive tools for global Monitoring.
  •   Define a roadmap for the creation of an African Cities Inter-University Observatory