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Workshop: Towards operationalising UNESCO Recommendations on Historic Urban Landscape

By on April 23, 2015

The workshop, held in Naples 2-3 March 2015, had the aim to critically discuss the Historic Urban Landscape document proposed by UNESCO (UNESCO, 2011), towards operationalising UNESCO Recommendations.

Currently, the Historic Urban Landscape approach is only a theoretical approach. Since the proposed tools have not declined in their practical application, the main objective of the workshop was to develop practical means to achieve sustainable, resilient  and inclusive development in cities, using historic/cultural landscape/heritage as an asset.

During 2 days some International Experts and Laboratory Researchers debated on emerging issues and strategic aspects, focusing the attention on three main aspects:

  • how can HUL generate sustainable economic development
  • how to operationalise this approach in port cities
  • the role of economic evaluation tools

In particular, the attention was on evaluation tools, because through these is possible to pass from general principles to operational practices, producing empirical evidence on the economic, social and environmental benefits of HUL approach  in landscape conservation and regeneration.

The workshop was characterized by a double aspect. In the first day,  a round table discussion took place between experts for reviewing the position paper; providing a critical assessment of the knowledge of urban development and the economic dimension of Historic Urban Landscapes: for formulating effective strategies in bringing together public and private interests and enhancing civil society participation; for providing public authorities with formulation of concrete measures for mobilizing cultural landscape/heritage as a local resource for human sustainable development; and thus for proposing practical, tangible tools/solutions and innovative suggestions.

The workshop was concluded with a first draft text towards a final Document of Operational Guidelines for urban planning in the Historic Urban Landscape context. This workshop is the first step for final Guidelines, which is to be a user-friendly, practical tool for addressing the highly complex situation faced by city authorities in their position as decision-makers.

This first work will be followed by another Workshop that will be held in the month of September 2015. It will be focused in particular on economic tools, with the participation of other international experts/researchers.