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Urban October – Circuito Urbano in Brazil!

By on August 14, 2019

The Urban Circuit is a call made by UN-Habitat in Brazil to provide institutional support to events that take place during the month of October, in celebration to the Urban October. Inspired by Urban October’s themes, the theme for 2019 will be “Innovative and Inclusive Cities“. The initiative is seeking events that answer the following question: How can innovation improve urban services and policies in an inclusive and sustainable way?

Events should reflect on how various forms of innovation (public policy, governance, technology, social and economic/financial) can enhance urban services and policies. Innovations should contribute to the achievement of the SDGs and the implementation of the New Urban Agenda, so as to ensure equality, inclusion, resilience, sustainability and access to urban services for all.

Would you like to participate?

❓ How? Visit www.circuitourbano.org to register your event by 26 August. Attached is the Call for Events in Portuguese for more details (also available on the website).

🗓 When? The events must take place in the month of October.

📍 Where? In cities all over Brazil.

🙂 Who can organize it? We encourage the most diverse actors and organizations (public sector, academia, civil society organizations, the private sector, among others) to propose their events. Events organized by individual initiatives will not be selected.

The selected events will receive institutional support from UN-Habitat and will be part of the agenda of events of the Urban Circuit, which will be published on the initiative’s website and on our social networks. UN-Habitat’s institutional support to the selected events does not involve any kind of transfer of financial resources to the organizing institutions.