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Urban Management Tools for Climate Change: a 3-week course

By on March 13, 2019

How do we analyse low-carbon and climate resilient urban development options? How do we strategically decide which options to include in climate action plans? What opportunities do cities have and which challenges do cities face when mainstreaming climate change policies and actions into existing plans?  The Urban Management Tools for Climate Change (UMTCC) training course shares extensive knowledge of climate change adaptation, resilience and low-carbon development through lectures, case studies, presentations, group discussions, simulation exercises and field visits. At the end of the course, participants will analyse and evaluate detailed assessment reports of various case studies and will develop a local climate change action plan for a specific city.

Duration: 17 June – 05 July 2019
Application deadlines EU/EEA: 17 May 2019
Non-EU/EEA: 17 April 2019*
Tuition fee: € 2,750*
Language: English

Please see the below link for more details and to apply:


UMTCC brochure