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Hub Coordinator: Alexis Pontvik

Host University: Royal Institute of Technology/KTH, Stockholm

What: The hub will serve as a platform for academic exchange and collaboration in the fields of Urban Typology and Morphology. Our research entails the analysis of existing urban form in different geographical areas. We will focus our urban design development of new urban patterns of compact city typologies and more sustainable dense environments. Example pilot projects include comparing the new City program and Egypt and the present creation of Mass Housing in Morocco. The hub members seek in the future also to develop a range of urban typologies, which may be tested in real situation.

Why: The importance of the discourse of urban sustainability is ongoing and widespread around the world. However too few address issues related to the actual physical urban forms in the discourse on urban design. This is fundamental, as it impacts the quality of everyday life of urban citizens. Our main goal is to see our research being used and applied, thus contributing essential information for the development of the many new cities and parts of cities that will be built in the developing world in coming years.

Who: Our present group, which will be extended in the future with experts from other fields, comes from five continents: the universities of Cairo and Rabat in Northern Africa, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, the University of Washington, Seattle, and Palermo University in Buenos Aires. KTH, the largest technical university in Sweden, the BTH the Swedish School of Planning in Karlskrona, Sweden, While we intend to add members to our group, we want to first consolidate our resources before expanding.

How: Traditional Urban morphology research methods must be expanded to consider new realities like city regions and urban landscapes multi nucleated regions and informal dwelling areas, which hitherto has not been part of its studies. The core of ‘classic’ studies in urban morphology focussed primarily on Europe, we will extend this to encompass regions outside Europe. The Conceptual and Methodological Framework is a tool with which will serve as a guide for all the research and practical work done by the various members. The Hub operates within education on several levels, on undergraduate, graduate and PhD levels. Exchanges between our Universities have already commenced. Our intention is that the outcomes will be disseminated outside academia to destinations where it can be of use and make a difference.