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University of Belgrade Celebrates World Cities Day for Sustainable, Resilient, Inclusive and Safe Cities

By on October 31, 2018

31 October, 2018 – At the zenith of Urban October, the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade organises a celebration of the World Cities Day. The aim of the event is to highlight the reflexive role of the academic institution and its social significance in raising awareness and education to act in the complex environment of the new challenges that urban settlements are faced with. Contemporary international urban development policies, such as the New Urban Agenda, Sustainable Development Agenda by 2030, and the particular SDG 11 dedicated to cities, the Climate Change Agreement from Paris and Sendai Risk Reduction Framework, highlight resilience as one of the key principles of sustainable urban development and involving all stakeholders in efforts to ensure the improvement of the quality of life in cities.

At the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade the following events will be held:

Exhibition of students projects from bachelor, master, specialist and doctoral studies in relation to the theme of “Sustainable, Resilient, Inclusive And Safe Cities”. It comprises the topics of: Dealing with climate change, Improving informal settlements, Economic and social resilience and Urban governance.

Panel titled “Towards Education for Sustainable Development”, with participants from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture, United Nations Development Programme, Office in Belgrade, and the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Serbia.

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