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“Bridging the knowledge and practice gaps in adaptation and mitigation of climate change and disaster risk reduction.”


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Policy brief, Mistra Urban Futures: ‘Understanding climate adaptation and transformation challenges in African Cities’

Policy brief on mitigation of GHG in low emitting cities

Policy Brief on Urban and Peri-urban agriculture and forestry mediating climate change adaptation and mitigation

Policy brief on Integrated flood management in cities

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  • Forthcoming Cities, Food and Agriculture; towards resilient urban food systems; “State of the Art” papers on various dimensions urban food systems to feed urban policy making, planning and development. Chapter of Urban Agriculture and Climate change” by Shuaib Lwasa and Marielle Dubbeling
  • Forthcoming Climate Change and Cities: Second Assessment Report of the Urban Climate Change Research Network. Hub Coordinator a co-coordinating Lead Author on the Chapter “Environmental Equity and Justice”



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