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Global Urban Lectures featured among best MOOCs on Cities.

By on September 25, 2015

The blog ‘Making of Cities’ has featured UN-Habitat UNI’s Global Urban Lecture series as one of the best MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) on urban development topics:

Have you ever come across those 300-400 page UN Habitat or World Bank reports and wondered how you will ever process this information? In these Global Urban Lecture series, friends of UN-Habitat unpack in clear and understandable terms. Speakers include Martim Smolka (Lincoln Institute of Land, USA), Edgar Pieterse (University of Cape Town), Janice Perlman (The Megacities Project), and Nabeel Hamdi (Oxford Brookes University), to mention a few. Each video is 15 minutes long and delivered in a “TED Talk” style. Season 2 just recently started.

“The Series aims to demonstrate a sound evidence-based analysis of a given problem and issues at stake, identify propositions to address them and provide examples that demonstrate how such propositions actually work, are being tested or have been implemented”

— Preface to Global Urban Lecture Series, UN Habitat


UN Habitat Global Urban Lectures Season 1 | Season 2 (youtube playlists)

Find the full playlists of the Global Urban Lectures above, as well as the full packages (video, synopsis, further reading materials, biographies) here.

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