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  • New Book: Ibid./In the same place

    Oscar Carracedo, from the National University of Singapore, recognises the support of the UNI Informal Urbanism Hub on the release of the book Ibid./In the same place. From the description: In the current scenario marked by an...

    • Posted November 18, 2016
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  • New Book: Dynamics and Resilience of Informal Areas

    Cairo University recognizes the support of the Informal Urbanism Hub in publishing the book “Dynamics and Resilience of Informal Areas”. From the description: This volume provides visionary approaches within the multi-disciplines engaged with informal settlements covering three...

    • Posted May 26, 2016
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  • NOCOHOCO abstract submission extended to March 15

    March 3, 2016 The Low/No Cost Conference announced previously by ETH Zurich has extended its deadline for submission of abstracts to March 15, 2016. The No Cost Housing Conference is hosted and organized by the ETH Wohnforum—ETH...

    • Posted March 3, 2016
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  • NOCOHOCO: No Cost Housing Conference 2016

    Call for papers to Low/No Cost Conference organized by ETH Zurich in association with UN-Habitat UNI’s Informal Urbanism Hub As the world urbanises, city populations grow and rising housing costs make it harder for low-income people to...

    • Posted February 10, 2016
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  • A Practical Guide to Designing, Planning, and Executing Citywide Slum Upgrading Programmes

    While 220 million people have been lifted out of slum conditions over the past 10 years, the number of people living in slum conditions is likely to grow by six million every year, to reach a total...

    • Posted August 11, 2015
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  • Training pack on pro-poor housing in Africa

    Nairobi, 5 August 2015– UN-Habitat has published a Training Pack on housing the poor in Africa. The pack is a resourceful training companion made available for download from UN-Habitat’s website.  Training and Capacity Building organizations and other...

    • Posted August 6, 2015
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  • Metropolis Nonformal – Anticipation, Launching the UN-Habitat Hub on Informal Urbanism

    Symposium 2013, November 20-23 Munich Informal urbanism is one of the dominant forces driving urban growth in cities in the developing world. During the last half-century a range of interventions were developed to improve the living conditions...

    • Posted July 16, 2015
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  • Responsive Urbanism in Informal Areas – Toward a regional agenda for Habitat III

    ‘Responsive Urbanism in Informal Areas’ was an international conference organized by the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University , as a collaborative activity within the “Informal Urbanism Hub” of the UN-Habitat University Network Initiative (UNI),...

    • Posted April 24, 2015
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  • Workshop: The Site and Services/Core House Starter Examples of The ‘70s

    Moderator: Reinhard Goethert, MIT SIGUS Martin Scoppa, Singapore-MIT University of Technology and Design The fundamental shift of affordable housing approaches in the ‘70s and in Egypt lead to a series of innovative site and services/core house projects...

    • Posted April 24, 2015
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  • Metropolis Nonformal – Anticipation

    Informal urbanism is one of the dominant forces driving urban growth in cities in the developing world. In some sub-regions urban growth has become synonymous with informal construction, sidelining existing formal planning approaches, if they exist. During...

    • Posted April 16, 2015
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