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Symposium Metropolis Nonformal – Housing

Name of project
Symposium Metropolis Nonformal – Housing
Short summary
The hub proposes a Symposium about the link between Informal Urbanism and global Housing strategies in summer 2016. The host would be ETH Zürich.
The Informal Urbanism Hub would like to foster a continuous intellectual discussion about specific aspects of nonformal urbanization. There have been already two very successful symposia (Munich 2013, Cairo 2014) which brough together academics, policy makers and practitioners. We would like to keep the momentum going and propose a third one that should especially intensify exchange with members of UN- Habitat.
The proposed intellectual exchange between Hub members and with UN- Habitat members is still in a beginning stage and needs to be greatly expanded. Symposia are proven events to foster new interhuman connections and personal alliances, eventually leading to actual projects.
Main activity/activities, accomplishments and deliverables
3 day symposium, lectures and a doctoral college
Expected accomplishments
Intellectual exchange and progress.
Personal connections.
3 day symposium.
On-line Videotapes of Talks
Thematic Hub
Informal Urbanism
UN-Habitat themes
  • Social Inclusion
  • Slum Upgrading
  • Planning and Design
  • Land
  • Housing
  • Governance
  • Environment
Partners involved in the project – Institution + contact name & title
Leibniz University Hannover, Christian Werthmann, Prof of Landscape Architecture
ETH Zurich, Hubert Klumpner, Dean of Architecture
Responsibilities and roles
Symposium Director: Hubert Klumpner + tbd
Advising Role: Christian Werthmann
Total budget of proposed project
Aquired funds
Requested funds
Project leader
Name , title and association of project leader
Hubert Klumpner
Contact email
Additional contact email
Additional details (optional)
Notes in relation to the above proposal
A detailed budget is currently developed. It would be premature to release numbers.