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Spatial, social and economic implications of plot size in planned city extension

Name of project
Spatial, social and economic implications of plot size in planned city extension
Short summary
The research project will aim at assessing the spatial, social and economic impacts that plot sizes have in the implementation of a planned city extension, by analyzing different concrete examples and understanding the impact of plot size and distribution in the urbanization process
Planned city extension is the tool used to ensure the provision of housing, infrastructure and services into rapidly growing urban areas that cannot cope with the fast urbanization pace. One of the central elements of design at the neighborhood scale is the plot size.
The project is required as there are no clear recommendations cross-matched by data with data that allow planner and practitioners to propose a precise strategy and plot size according to the local conditions or the desired outputs
Main activity/activities, accomplishments and deliverables
Analysis of critical mass of planned city extension projects that have been developed in the past and offer a clear historical perspective linking the plot size, geometry and spatial configuration with the economic, legal, social and spatial impacts
Expected accomplishments
Generate a clear position and recommendations for most advisable plot size, geometry and spatial distribution for the different local contexts and expected outputs for the planned city extension
Interim report with data collection and analysis
Interim report with main conclusions
Final report with principles and recommendations
Thematic Hub
Urban Form
UN-Habitat themes
  • Social Inclusion
  • Planning and Design
  • Legislation
  • Land
  • Housing
  • Economy
Partners involved in the project – Institution + contact name & title
UN-Habitat: Urban Planning and Design LAB: Javier Torner – Urban Planning Specialist
Potential/requested partners involved in the project
Urban Form Hub
Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
Breakdown of required resources
Main researcher
Research assistant
Project leader
Name , title and association of project leader
Javier Torner, UN-Habitat
Contact email