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By on February 26, 2019

Can we develop more socially diverse, liveable, and fairer cities?

06th April 2019
Hosted by ETH Zurich, ONA Oerlikon
Zurich, Switzerland

Access to land – serviced land in particular – is critical for sustainable urban development. The availability of land will determine the way our cities and neighbourhoods will grow, develop and expand; whether they will be able to absorb demographic growth, and how they will cope with the pressure for new uses and demands from businesses, services, entertainment, housing, transportation, conservation and beyond. In an era of pervasive social inequalities and renewed attention to the scarcity of our common resources; of increased environmental risk and of mass extinction of species, where land for housing will become an even more valuable but limited asset, our approaches to land accessibility and distribution require urgent attention. Unprecedented migration patterns – voluntary and forced displacements – further exacerbate asymmetries. While the urban core and central districts of global cities today boast high standards of living and are provided with innovative transport systems and infrastructure networks, peripheral districts repeatedly struggle with low density, commuting traffic, and an inadequate access to of services and jobs. As continuous urban growth only deepens the divide between social groups according to resource accessibility, the question emerges: what alternative approaches, policies, and ideas are possible?

Responding to this challenge, the SHARELAND Doctoral Colloquium will be linked to the ETH Forum Wohnungsbau, taking place on previous day, April 05th, 2019. Under a common theme, the two-day event will provide a platform to share knowledge and experiences across fields and levels of inquiry. The colloquium will bring academic rigour and propose ideas within international and national frameworks, while also providing participants with the chance to share and discuss their work with both their peers as well as internationally renowned practitioners.

For more information on the ETH Forum Wohnungsbau 2019, please follow this link.


During the Colloquium, distinguished guests and speakers of the ETH Forum Wohnungsbau will serve as moderators and guest critics for the three thematic tracks outlined in the call for papers, to an audience of students, staff, and other presenters. The thematic tracks include:

  • Sharing
  • Dwelling
  • Co-Creating

Aiming to create an environment of mutual engagement and communication, the colloquium will begin and end with plenary discussions where all participants and visitors are invited to attend. As an jumping-off-point for dialogue, a short film will be screening within the context of the plenary discussions: The Disappearance of Robin Hood (2018).

Key dates

  • EXTENDED abstract submission: 14 December 2018
  • Acceptance notice: Late January 2019
  • Full presentation submission: 15 February 2019
  • Final presentation submission: 15 March 2019
  • ETH Forum Wohnungsbau 2019: 05 April, 2019, ETH Zurich, Main Building, Switzerland
  • SHARELAND Doctoral Colloquium: 06 April 2019, ETH Zurich, Oerlikon, ONA, Switzerland

Who Should Attend?

We invite PhD and Post-Doctoral researchers in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, design, humanities and arts, sociology, economy, ecology and researchers in the field of urbanisation to bring together their knowledge, experience and lessons learned in the development of new approaches and ideas


Plenary sessions, discussions, and thematic sessions will be held in English.

Need further details?

Please contact: shareland.colloquium@arch.ethz.ch

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