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The Safer Cities Hub is supporting the efforts by the UN Habitat Safer Cities programme within the framework of the Global Network on Safer Cities (GNSC). Global Network on Safer Cities (GNSC) is an initiative of UN-Habitat with the goal of equipping local authorities and urban stakeholders to deliver urban safety, thus contributing towards securing the urban advantage for all. Launched in September 2012 at the Sixth session of the World Urban Forum in Naples, Italy, the GNSC is envisioned to serve as the foremost international platform for cities and urban stakeholders endeavoring to prevent crime and improve urban safety.

The Safer Cities approach is developed in collaboration with cities and partners from all over the world and is currently being implemented in 77 cities in 24 countries. The Network is designed to support cities in the prevention of urban crime and the enhancement of urban safety strategies, acting as a common platform that links existing crime and violence prevention networks with the urban players.