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  • Hub Details

  • Public Report - Web Section

    This section will be published on the UNI network website. It should provide a succinct summary of key activities relating to the Hub which can be published directly to the website. This section of the report will be for public distribution so should not include any sensitive / confidential information or contact details.
  • Accepted file types: doc.
    Please upload a Word doc which includes one or more images in JPEG format (resolution minimum 300 dpi) Pictures should be captioned in the present tense to convey what the picture shows, when and where, and be duly copyrighted ©. (MAX size 1.4MB)
  • Internal Report

    This section provides a more in-depth account of Hub implementation progress which will be used by UN-Habitat for monitoring the Hub and for reporting to UN-Habitat management and donors.
  • Implementation Narrative

    Briefly describe progress made during the previous year, highlighting major outcomes/benchmarks achieved during the period. Provide a summary of all major issues or problems. Include an issue description, the impact and what action is being taken to mitigate the issue.
  • Progress of Hub activities

    List all activities and outputs/deliverables due in the reporting period as per the Concept Note and summarise progress. For each output please include: - Workplan completion date (target) - Expected or actual completion date - Implementation in % - Comments. if variance please describe reason and problems in delivering outputs
  • Add a new row
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  • Recommendations and Requests for Decisions / Support

    This section should list any recommendations to UN-Habitat or any requests for decisions to be made or support needed.
  • Outputs & Deliverables - next year

    This section should detail activities and deliverables planned for next period. For each output please include: - Description of output - Involved partners - Requested involvement of UN-Habitat - Expected outcomes - Workplan completion date (target)
  • Experiences and lessons

    Please summarize any experiences and/or lessons related to Hub design and implementation. Feel free to select relevant areas from the list below: - Conditions necessary to achieve collaboration between universities and cities such as institutional, social and financial issues; - Institutional arrangements, including Hub Governance; - Relevance of proposed research and other Hub activities - Factors that improve likelihood of reaching Hub objectives; - Factors that encourage replication, including outreach and communication strategies; - Any other issues you find relevant.