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Climate and Disaster Risk Management refresher course

By on September 7, 2015

The department of Geography Geo-informatics and Climatic Sciences, Makerere University co-organized and hosted a two week’s refresher course focused on “Earth observation and spatial analysis for enhanced climate and disaster risk management for societal benefit in Africa”.

This course signifies the consolidation of the role of Makerere University, the department of Geography, Geo-Informatics and Climatic Sciences and the UNI Climate Change Hub in developing capacity for Climate Change issues as well as contributing towards disaster risk reduction.

The course ran from 3rd to14th August and attracted participants from seven countries largely in Eastern and Southern Africa (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Ghana and Namibia).

Participants were refreshed with new developments in accessing near real-time satellite imagery data, a pool of geospatial data available on various online sources, techniques for analysis and information product development for policy. Professors Ben Mathieus and Yazidhi Bamutaze were the main facilitators of the course.