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2017 Report – University of Genoa, Departament of Sciences of Architecture

By on June 17, 2017
General Information
University of Genoa

Department of Sciences of Architecture

Italy Genoa

Person filling out the report
Jose Manuel Pages Madrigal

Associated UNI Thematic Hubs
Informal Urbanism
Urban Regeneration
Urban Accessibility
Urban Governance
Urban Form

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Collaborations with UNI members in research initiatives


Undergraduate Programmes
Scienze dell’architettura
This program is organized in three lines, Architecture, Landscape architecture and Civil engineering (Ingegnieria edile architettura). Disciplinary lessons are aimed at acquiring the basic knowledge of cultural and technical training and the correct methodological approach to the problems to be addressed. Integrated courses combine different disciplines, delivered in individual modules, highlighting complementarity as the key word of the transversality among the several lines.


Master Programmes
This master level aims to know the theoretical, scientific, methodological and operational aspects of the discipline of the course and be able to use them to identify, formulate and solve complex architectural problems, even in innovative ways;

Green areas and landscape design
The course intends to offer students a complete training course aimed at providing all the necessary tools for the landscape profession, in which they integrate knowledge and skills in landscape design and management at different scales, acquisition of Ability to collaborate with other professional figures in the fields of architecture, engineering and natural and agronomic sciences

PhD Programmes
Phd in Architecture and design
The PhD in Architecture and Design, Department of Architecture Sciences, Polytechnic School of Genoa, is divided into three curricula: Architecture, Design, Naval and Naval Design, interrelated. The aim of the course is to address in an interdisciplinary dimension the broad domain of the environment and the material and immaterial artifacts that define it, having as its focal point the design activity as a process and consequently its tools and Cognitive and operational apparatus.

Other Programmes
School of Specialization in Architectural Heritage and Landscape
The School, which has been operating in Genoa since 1994, offers professional training in the field of architectural restoration, integrative of the basic university and a thorough knowledge of methods and techniques for the protection and conservation of the architectural and landscape heritage. Its institutional task is to “provide specific professional training in the architectural restoration of the university, and to achieve a wider and widespread knowledge of methods and techniques for the protection and conservation of Architectural and environmental assets “.

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