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2017 Report – Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Borneo Marine Research Institute

By on May 30, 2017
General Information
Universiti Malaysia Sabah

Borneo Marine Research Institute

Malaysia Kota Kinabalu

Person filling out the report
Prof. Dr. Saleem Mustafa

Associated UNI Thematic Hubs
Climate Change

Other academic network affiliations
International universities, professional societies

Other research network affiliations
Institutions of higher education, scientific societies. Focal Point of International Ocean Institute

Collaborations with UNI members in academic activities

Collaborations with UNI members in research initiatives


Undergraduate Programmes
1. Bachelor of Science (Aquaculture)
2. Bachelor of Science in (Marine Science)

Master Programmes
Master of Science Degree in the following specialized areas:
1. Aquaculture
2. Marine science
3. Marine biotechnology
4. Physical oceanography

PhD Programmes
PhD programs in the following specialized areas:
1. Aquaculture
2. Marine science
3. Marine biotechnology
4. Physical oceanography
5. Coastal & marine management
Online links: http://www.ums.edu.my/ipmb

Other Programmes
1.Apprenticeship for local and international students
2. University-community platforms
3. University-industry projects
4. Stakeholder workships in fish farming and marine conservation
5. International Conference on Marine Science & Aquaculture (held annually, generally in March).
6. Forums, workshops, training programs, extension programs are among the activities held on ad-hoc basis as and when required

Produced Materials

Mustafa, S. & Shapaei, R. (2015). Aquaculture Ecosystems: Adaptability and Sustainability. Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, UK.
Mustafa, S. (2015). The Ecological Paradigm in Seafood Security. Penerbit UMS, Kota Kinabalu.

Kian, A.Y.S., Mochizuki, H., Shapawi, S. et al. (2012). Fisheries stock enhancement for the benefit of local communities. Penerbit UMS, Kota Kinabalu.

Saleem, M., Shigeharu, S. & Marianne Luin (2013). Response of pure stock of coral reef tiger grouper and hybrid grouper to simulated ocean acidification. International Journal of Climate Change: Impacts and Responses 5(1) 47-54.
Abentin, E. & Saleem, M. (2014). Water quality remediation using geotextile in fish fish hatchery systems. Aquaculture Research and Development 5: 1-6.

Sumbing, M.V., Alazad, S, Estim, A. et al. (2016). Growth performance of spiny lobster (Panulirus ornatus) in land-based Integrated Multi-trophic aquaculture system. Trans. Sci. Technol. 3, 143-149.

Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture and Water Quality Remediation.RM 826,549.30, NRGS (Ministry of Education), 2014-2018.

Effect of broodstock nutrition on reproductive performance and seed quality of tiger grouper and mangrove crab reared in hatchery RM 121, 288.40 MOE 2014-2015

Additional Comments
Borneo Marine Research Institute is a Center of Excellence in Universiti Malaysia Sabah. It is an active seart of education and research on conservation and sustainable development of marine resources, and aquaculture of high-value species. We have excellent infrastructure for marine studies, two hatcheries for fish and shrimp, and an aquaculture incubator is in the pipeline to promote university-industry interface.
Our institute houses a major marine biodiversity showcase in the form of museum and aquarium, and this facility is open to general public as well as tourists.