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2017 Report – Universitat Rovira i Virgili, UNESCO Housing Chair on Housing

By on June 11, 2017
General Information
Universitat Rovira i Virgili

UNESCO Housing Chair on Housing

Spain Tarragona

Person filling out the report
Prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre Aznar, Civil Law Full Professor

Associated UNI Thematic Hubs
Informal Urbanism
Urban Regeneration
Urban Accessibility

Other academic network affiliations

Other research network affiliations

Collaborations with UNI members in academic activities

Collaborations with UNI members in research initiatives


Undergraduate Programmes

Master Programmes
Master Program on Mediation (especially focused on housing matters)
Master Course on Real Estate Conveyancing

PhD Programmes
Doctor in Law, with speciality oh Housing Law

Other Programmes
We have organized 4 international conferences so far:
– 25th European Network for Housing Research international conference (2013)
– New types of Housing Tenures (intermediate tenures) in civil law jurisdictions (2015)
– 19th Central European Covered Bond Conference (2016)
– International conference on the right to housing (2017)

Produced Materials

NASARRE AZNAR, Sergio (dir.), “La propiedad compartida y la propiedad temporal (Ley 19/2015). Aspectos legales y económicos”, Ed. Tirant lo Blanc, 2017.
NASARRE AZNAR, Sergio (dir.), “Bienes en común”, Ed. Tirant lo Blanch, Valencia, 2015, ISBN: 978-84-9086-364-0
NASARRE AZNAR, Sergio (dir.), “El acceso a la vivienda en un contexto de crisis”, ISBN: 978-84-96261-99-0.
NASARRE AZNAR, Sergio, "“Securitisation and mortgage bonds. Legal aspects and harmonisation in Europe”, Saffron Walden, Ed. Gostick Hall, UK, 2004. ISBN: 09-533-599-13

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“Tenancy law and housing policy in multi-level Europe” (TENLAW), Collaborative Project, EU Commission 7th Framework Programme. Main researcher: Prof. Dr. Christoph Schmid (Universität Bremen, ZERP). Ref: 290694. See: http://www.tenlaw.uni-bremen.de.

“Pilot project – Promoting protection of the right to housing – Homelessness prevention in the context of evictions”, VT/2013/056, European Commission-Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Publications Office of the European Union, ISBN 978-92-79-58049-9 (248 pp.) (P. Kenna, V. Busch Gertseema, L. Benjaminsen, SNasarre). Final report available at http://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?catId=738&langId=en&pubId=7892&type=2&furtherPubs=yes

“Cross Border Acquisitions of Residential Property in the EU: Problems Encountered by Citizens”, DG for Internal Policies, Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs, European Parliament , PE 556.936, Publications Office, ISBN: 978-92-823-9032-0 (P. Sparkes, C. Schmid, S.Nasarre et al.). Final report available at: http://www.europarl.europa.eu/RegData/etudes/STUD/2016/556936/IPOL_STU(2016)556936_EN.pdf.

Additional Comments
In 2013 the University Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona, Spain, ranked 4th most productive in Spain and 83rd best University under 50 years of age and among the 500 best universities according to Times Higher Education 2016) decided to establish the first international and interdisciplinary Institute devoted to housing studies, research, lecturing and transfer of knowledge in Spain, called “Housing Chair”. In 2016, UNESCO acknowledged it as the first and single UNESCO Chair of Housing in the world. It gathers together researchers that have been dealing with housing during the last 20 years.
Since July 2013, the Chair members have published 72 research works in 9 countries and have delivered 173 speeches in 25 more. The Chair has been also invited to draft five pieces of legislation for the Spanish and the Catalan Governments on affordable housing, housing tenures and mortgage consumers’ protection, while has been a team member with co-ordination and research duties of 3 EU-funded projects (EU Parliament and EU Commission). One of them related to housing tenancies in Europe; the second one about evictions and homelessness in Europe; and a third one on barriers to acquire housing cross-border within the EU. It has organized 11 workshops for housing professionals and policymakers in 2015 and 2016. In addition, the Chair is currently working at nine national-funded research projects and has successfully finished other four. The UNESCO Chair of Housing has the explicit support of ten private and public housing stakeholder. It runs two postgraduate courses on mediation and on real estate agents.