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2017 Report – Sardar Patel University, Bhaikaka Centre for Human Settlement, APIED

By on June 11, 2017


General Information
Sardar Patel University

Bhaikaka Centre for Human Settlement, APIED

India Vallabh Vidyanagar

Person filling out the report
Prof (Dr) Shashikant Kumar

Associated UNI Thematic Hubs
Informal Urbanism
Climate Change
Urban Regeneration
Safer Cities
Urban Accessibility
Urban Governance

Urban Form

Other academic network affiliations

Other research network affiliations

Collaborations with UNI members in academic activities

Collaborations with UNI members in research initiatives


Undergraduate Programmes
Bachelors in Architecture
Bachelors in Interior Design

Master Programmes
Master in Planning (Urban and Regional)
Master in Interior Design

PhD Programmes

Other Programmes
Summer Programe and Workshops in Architecture, Interior Design, Geoinformatics, Sustainable Development, Climate Change basics etc for students, researchers and professionals.

Capacity Building Program for urban planning professionals.

Produced Materials


1. Land Suitability Analysis for Urban Plan Preparation using Remote Sensing
and GIS: A Case of Anand, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Karamsad Development Plan,
with Mehul Darshak, Manthan Bhandari and Rajan Zala for International Conference
‘Research and Innovation in Science, Engineering and Technology (ICRISET-2017)
at BVM Engineering College, V.V. Nagar, Anand, Gujarat, 17-19 February, 2017
2. Moving Beyond The Rural-Urban Divide: Challenges for Socio-Economic
Development in India, with Dr. N.R. Dash, National Seminar on ‘An overview on
Recent Trends of Socio-Economic and Environmental Issues in India’ held at Shri
Shiv Chhatrapati College Junnar, Maharastra, 17-18th February, 2017. Published in
conference proceedings with ISBN: 978-93-24457-4, February, 2017 by Prof. Shashikant Kumar
3.Lobo, Lancy and Jayesh Shah (ed), The Rural Middle Class: The Nature of
Social Change in Charotar (Anand, Gujarat), Chapter in The Trajectory of
India’s Middle Class: Economy, Ethics and Etiquette, Cambridge Scholars
Publishing, UK, 2015. by Prof. Shashikant Kumar
4.Lobo, Lancy & Jayesh Shah (ed), Spatial and Regional Perspective of
Globalisation in Gujarat: A Geographical Analysis, Chapter in
Globalisation in Gujarat, Rawat Jaipur, 2014. by Prof. Shashikant Kumar

January 2013 to March 2016, Draft Development Plan for Anand-Karamsad-Vallabh Vidyanagar development areas. Focus on preparation of land use plan, environmental protection of water bodies, plan for future projects with emphasis on sustaining agriculture, provide residential and employment generation plans.

June 2016 to till, Animal Waste Rendering plan- feasibility study for processing dead animals within the urban local body in Vadodara, Gujarat India. The research in partnership with two Indian technology partner and three agencies based in Finland. The project is funded by Department of Science and Technology, GoI and CII India and Tekes, Finland for respective partners. Its the first of its kind project in state where dead animals would be processed through plants with objective to provide clean and safe local environments.

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