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2017 Report – Royal Institute of Technology, Architectural School

By on June 17, 2017
General Information
Royal Institute of Technology

Architectural School

Sweden Stockholm

Person filling out the report
Prof. Alexis Pontvik
Coordinator for the UrbanFormHub

Associated UNI Thematic Hubs

Urban Form

Other academic network affiliations
Sustainability in Scandinavia (Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo)

Other research network affiliations

Collaborations with UNI members in academic activities
Workshops with master students

Collaborations with UNI members in research initiatives


Undergraduate Programmes
Architectural education three years undergraduate (focus on urban design in the third year)

Master Programmes
10 studios in the master-program at the KTH, I am running nr 10 with focus on Climate Design, Informal Settlements and Urban Form

PhD Programmes

Other Programmes

Produced Materials

I am primarily involved with teaching

The Royal Seaport project in Stockholm for the magazine PORTUS, Spain.
Stockholm, Sustainable Urban Form, Interpreting Stockholm as layers of systems a Harvard publication

I am particularly interested in urban form and urban block typologies and have in the last five years used the master studio as a practical research lab to develop new typologies.

Additional Comments
In the academic year of 2016/17 the studio 10 travelled to Iran and initiated an urban design workshop with the CAAI, (Contemporary Architects Association Iran) in Teheran. Previous similar events took place in Istanbul 2013, Rabat 2014, Cairo 2015, Rabat 2016, focused on both learning about the local urban typologies and traditions and to engage in collaborations and workshops in these places. By choosing sites in these cities students get involved in new contexts and bridging gaps between cultures.