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New Book: Ibid./In the same place

By on November 18, 2016

Oscar Carracedo, from the National University of Singapore, recognises the support of the UNI Informal Urbanism Hub on the release of the book Ibid./In the same place.

From the description:

In the current scenario marked by an economic and housing production crisis, and greater social involvement, where urban development is expected mainly to happen in cities, we take on a number of challenges concerning human settlements and housing, and their planning.

Evictions, relocations, reblockings or the provision of housing solely through urban programmes, plans, and policies has proven to be insufficient and inappropriate in responding to social harm, housing problems, and the issues of informal settlements.

Ibid./ (Ibidem), the Latin acceptation for in the same place, is used in this book as a metaphor to explain the paradigm shift that has been taking place in our cities in recent years toward understanding that informal settlements constitute a solution and not a problem, and that on-site (“in-the-same-place”) urban revitalisation processes provide a powerful and efficient response to today’s challenges in urban environments.

This book addresses the systemic approach to on-site (Ibid./) strategies as one of the essential changes in urban revitalisation policies in the move toward more resilient, sustainable, integrated, and inclusive informal and low-income neighbourhoods.

Ibid./ In the same place, focuses on nine fundamental lessons learned from experiences in Asia and Latin America and six possible actions that can influence the revitalisation of informal urban environments once they are incorporated into city-wide urban programmes and revitalisation policies.

For more information go to http://www.oroeditions.com/book/ibid-same-place