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Metropolis Nonformal – Anticipation, Launching the UN-Habitat Hub on Informal Urbanism

By on July 16, 2015

Symposium 2013, November 20-23 Munich

Informal urbanism is one of the dominant forces driving urban growth in cities in the developing world. During the last half-century a range of interventions were developed to improve the living conditions of existing informal neighborhoods. Less clear, however, are viable strategies for the additional projected two billion ‘slum’ dwellers by 2050. Policy makers mostly focus on the infrastructural deficiencies and illegal status of informal urbanization. In contrast, Metropolis Nonformal – Anticipation operates under the realization that self-construction is in many countries the only viable urbanization model for low-income migrants. Metropolis Nonformal – Anticipation insists that cities must shift from a negative attitude of prevention to a more positive attitude of anticipation and assistance to growing numbers of informal settlers.

The symposium aimed to explore anticipatory strategies that actively integrate the entrepreneurial capacity and intelligence of low-income migrants in the production of future urban growth. Are there alternative land ownership and land allocation models that can provide buildable sites? What is the urban form and framework of managed self-construction? How does one communicate with urban migrants in waiting, in transition or recently arrived? Can self-built holistic and resourceful infrastructures be deployed to foster water management, close food-waste cycles, provide building material, offer transport solutions, mitigate unsafe sites and ultimately generate income and jobs?

Metropolis Nonformal served as the launching event of a new ‘Hub on Informal Urbanism’ as part of the UN-Habitat University Network Initiative (UNI).

Launching the Laufen Manifesto for a Human Design Culture

At the symposium the Laufen Manifesto was launched. It was originally written by a group of 20 experts in the fall of 2013. If you support the content of the Manifesto, please sign in on the website: http://laufenmanifesto.org


Program and Speakers of the Symposium: