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Makerere University and University College London starts a study on resettlement and relocation

By on July 14, 2015

UNI Climate Change Hub at Makerere University and Development Planning Unit of University College London starts a study on resettlement and relocation in urban areas.

The Climate Change Hub in the Department of Geography, Geo-informatics and Climatic Sciences in conjunction with the Development Planning Unit of the University College of London conducted a one day workshop on Climate-induced resettlement and relocation in cities in Kampala on 15th June 2015 followed by field work in the city and Mbale town. This was for site scoping for a one-year research project to be conducted in Uganda, Mexico, Columbia, Costa Rica and India funded by CDKN.

The workshop was attended by professionals from Ministries, NGO’s, CBO’s, Academic and Slum Dwellers. The study will focus on cities and settlements where populations have been resettled or to be resettled as a pre-emptive or post-impact measure for avoiding climate risks. The research seeks to understand the social and economic implications of such resettlement policies, specifically in urban contexts.

The study objectives are three fold;

1. understand the political, economic and institutional contexts in which resettlement takes place;

2. understand the cost benefit of resettlement both from the state’s perspective and from the individual’s perspective;

3. understand how resettlement impacts people’s well-being and resilience over different time frames.