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Lucile Biarrotte is conducting her PhD research on the gender dimensions of professional cultures and organizations in French urban planning. Her work is directed by Professor Claire Hancock at the Lab’Urba, Université Paris-Est. She focuses on the Parisian metropolitan region from 1920s to date, with both historical and sociological approaches. For contemporary case studies, she collaborates with various stakeholders (municipal civil servants, associations) in a research-action manner. She previously did research on the program Femmes et Ville of Montréal, Canada, and on the international spreading of “best practices” for women in urban planning. She created a French speaking newsletter called  UrbaGenre, and collaborative bibliographies online such as Genre & urbanisme or Gender & planning.

CV :
Since 2015 : Paris-Est University, Lab’Urba, PhD Candidate
2010-2015 : Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, geography department
2010-2014 : Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Paris, Urban Planning Masters degree


Biarrotte, Lucile. 2017. « Féminismes et aménagement : influences et ambiguïtés La diffusion internationale d’initiatives d’urbanisme dédiées à l’émancipation des femmes ». Édité par Marianne Blidon. Annales de la Recherche Urbaine Le genre urbain : politiques, représentations, quotidiens (112): 26‑35. https://doi.org/10/gd7ghj.

One mémoire: 

Biarrotte, Lucile. 2012. « « Femmes et ville » à Montréal. Un programme municipal genré et ses conséquences urbaines ». Mémoire de Master 1, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. www.geographie.ens.fr/IMG/file/Memoires_eleves/BIARROTTE%20Femmes%20et%20ville%20Montre%CC%81al%20version%20finale.pdf.

A TedX in French:

Biarrotte, Lucile.  2017. Les toilettes : constructions spatiales et sociales. TEDx Champs Elysées Women. Salle Pleyel. www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQp_9xpylTg.

And I created tools in French, Spanish and English to share information about gender and urban planning:

Zotero libraries:

as well as a “newsletter” called UrbaGenre with 450 subscribers: