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Urban Regeneration Hub International Scientific Meeting – Smart Labs

By on September 12, 2016

21-23 March, 2016

International Scientific Meeting
Aula Magna, Centro Congressi via Partenope 36, Napoli, Italy
Advanced Brainstorm Carrefour (ABC)- “THE SCIENCE OF THE CITY”
The goal of the meeting was to improve the production of new knowledge, new skills, and new know-how to support city planning, designing, governing and managing: in essence producing new Science of the City for operationalizing the Agenda 2030 Goals.
Most of the Agenda 2030 Goals can be achieved in the space of cities/settlements if we have the required tools (models, indicators, etc.) for operationalizing.

The issues of the international meeting were examined in depth through the Urban Regeneration series of “Smart Labs” (see below).

23|03|2016 – Smart lab
Prof. Michael Turner
Prof. Sofia Avegerinou  Kolonias
Conservation and Development: Tools for operationalizing UNESCO Historic Urban Landscape approach

29|02|2016 – Smart lab
Fabiola Riccardini – Co-Chair of the Inter-agency and Expert Group on the Sustainable Development Goal Indicators
Strategies of development for the city: the indicators of fair and sustainable wellbeing
Discussion of Phd thesis: Alfredo Franciosa

24|02|2016 – Smart lab
Prof. Christian Ost
Economic indicators for the operationalization of UNESCO historic urban landscape approach
Discussion of research
Antonia Gravagnuolo
Francesca Nocca
Maria Rosaria Angrisano

04|02|2016 –Smart lab
Prof. Francesco Forte
Prof. Aldo Trione
Giorgio de Finis – Artist
Sviluppo umano, cultura, arte sociale
Discussion of Phd thesis:
Anna Onesti

8|01|2016 –Smart lab
Prof. Pasquale Persico
Prof. Marco Musella
Sergio Arzeni – Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Local Development

Social enterprises and urban regeneration
Discussion of Phd thesis:
Stefania Ragozino
Simona Panaro

21-23|12|2015 – Smart lab
Prof. Peter Nijkamp
Prof. Karima Kourtit
Towards a new science for the city: urban cultural landscape in the local development

28-29|09|2015 – Smart lab
Prof. Randall Mason
The role of Cultural Landscape for city regeneration: good practices, approaches and evaluation tools

15|09|2015 – Smart lab
Andrew Potts – Executive Director US/ICOMOS
The role of Cultural Heritage and culture in the New Urban Agenda (Habitat III)

14|09|2015 – Smart lab
Prof. Xavier Greffe
The role of Cultural Heritage in City/Landscape regeneration
Towards the Heritage Community