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University of Guadalajara – Academic Engagement for Citizen Participation in the Metropolitan Governance of Guadalajara (Mexico)

By on August 30, 2016
ITESO Jesuit University of Guadalajara (Mexico)

Contact name and title
Alejandro Mendo, professor in the Department of Habitat and Urban Development


Title of activity
Academic Engagement for Citizen Participation in the Metropolitan Governance of Guadalajara (Mexico)

Description of activity
This exercise contributed to the developing metropolitan governance schemes in Guadalajara (Mexico) by providing academic support to improve the civic engagement and social participation along the public decision-making processes.
Legislative adjustment, participatory mechanisms, active networking, normative harmonization and integral approaches were important conceptual principles and practical instruments that proved to be powerfull enabling factors and change drivers to the new institutional arrangements taking place.
Faculty staff capabilities on metropolitan governance and urban management helped the Guadalajara Metropolitan Citizen Council to undertake its first commitments and to achieve efficient interaction with government authorities.
Sustainable Development Goal 11 targets relating to activity
11.3 By 2030, enhance inclusive and sustainable urbanization and capacity for participatory, integrated and sustainable human settlement planning and management in all countries
Main themes of this activity
Changes that took place as a result of this activity
A new organizational architecture for metropolitan social representation was launched and operational guidelines were tested in order to maximize civic engagement in metropolitan policy application.
The Guadalajara Metropolitan Citizen Council was installed for the very first time accomplishing strong involvement among local sectors. Long-term expected critical issues were successfully addressed being consider now as a precedent-setting experience.
How the impact of the activity was measured
Explicit recognition was received by private actors, media, NGOs and academic circles regarding how university consultant support increases citizenship performance when it comes to foster social participation for metropolitan governance. As a result, diverse debates are taking place between experts, authorities and citizens interested in developing a balanced model of metropolitan governance in Mexico.
Links related to the activity
  • http://imeplan.mx/consejo-ciudadano-metropolitano/
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