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Responsive Urbanism in Informal Areas – Toward a regional agenda for Habitat III

By on April 24, 2015

‘Responsive Urbanism in Informal Areas’ was an international conference organized by the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University , as a collaborative activity within the “Informal Urbanism Hub” of the UN-Habitat University Network Initiative (UNI), and the Regional Office for Arab Countries, aiming at reducing the gap between academia and practice. This conference fed in with the preparation of the National Urban Forum in 2015, and the HABITAT III in 2016.

Scholars, researchers, practitioners, and entrepreneurs were invited to deepen and broaden their mutual understanding of the mechanism of how these areas survived, and learn from their socio-economic resilience to practically respond to future needs and challenges. The conference offered a platform where experts were invited to exchange creative concepts, while integrating inter-disciplinary and inter-regional innovative approaches to the investigation of responsive informal urbanism.