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I International Design Workshop

By on June 6, 2018

Call for Participants

How can urbanization in the semi-arid landscape of the Andes occur without compromising the urban-rural hydric balance of a territory made worse by climate change predictions?

With this fundamental interrogation as its premise, the UNSCH (Ayacucho), and the OSA research group (KU Leuven) are pleased to invite participants to the 1st International Workshop in Ayacucho, Peru from August 22nd to 31st. The workshop is funded by the VLIR-UOS and is part of a two-year collaborative endeavor between Belgian and Peruvian HEIs and NGOs. The intensive and immersive design charrette will tackle the issue of water insecurity influenced by unsustainable urbanization processes in the Cachi basin, where water availability is jeopardized by Ayacucho’s full reliance on natural resources.  A shared and multi-scalar vision for both water management and urban development trends is required and represents the workshop’s main goal. The workshop will combine design perspectives from water urbanism with multi-stakeholder sessions and intensive fieldwork to craft inclusive and strategic design proposals.

The organizing team looks forward to receiving applications from urban designers, landscape architects, urban and environmental planners. The workshop will enhance participants’ capacity to espouse ecological restoration and management with equitable city-making and water provision, as the starting point for proposing innovative and sustainable interplays of urbanization, landscape and infrastructure. Besides providing competence in the socio-ecological design of cities, the international design workshop expects to enhance participants’ critical thinking. It targets first and foremost mid-career design professionals, local authority officials, NGO staff and urban practitioners in the fields of development planning and urbanism.

Former training should be in one of the following fields: urban design and architecture, environmental and bio-engineering, human geography, urban anthropology, sociology, political economy and development planning.

For non-native English speakers, the knowledge of English is a requirement. For non-Spanish speakers, the knowledge of Spanish is strongly encouraged. Postgraduate studies and former experience in intensive design workshops are an asset. Candidates are invited to express their interest by sending their application materials. Participants will not be charged with tuition and accommodation costs and are therefore expected to cover their travel to and from Ayacucho.

The selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • Professional experience and background: the workshop targets candidates working in the design sectors of education, research institutes, government or NGOs. Applicants should possess relevant professional experience related to the training.
  • Motivation: it is essential that the motivation and professional goals of the applicant highlights development relevant themes which are also relevant to the workshop. Not only academic results are important, but also and especially the leadership potential the candidate possesses and the possibility of becoming an “actor of change” in the home country after the training.
  • Impact: preference will be given to candidates that can demonstrate a higher possibility of generating impact through the transfer of knowledge and extension activities upon return to their home country, to address developmental problems or challenges of the country concerned.

To apply please send the following materials by the 15th of July to urbanandes.workshop@gmail.com

> motivation letter (max. 1 A4);
> updated curriculum vitae;
> scans of relevant certificates and other supporting documentation (Spanish proficiency, other competencies);
> critical selection of design projects and publications

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