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Global Urban Lectures reaches 100,000 views!

By on May 7, 2017

UN-Habitat UNI’s Global Urban Lectures – a series of 15 min video lectures by urban experts associated with UN-Habitat – just reached 100,000 views!

The series gathers and shares knowledge on a wide range of topics relating to the New Urban Agenda, delivered by professionals who are active in defining the specifics of its implementation. It is a free resource for all partners currently working within sustainable urban development, and in particular for the new generation of urban planners just about to enter the arena.

The Global Urban Lecture series is the most viewed and shared of UN-Habitat’s online outreach initiatives, occupying 15 of the top 20 most viewed UN-Habitat’s videos.  It is just about to release its fourth season, which will feature speakers from the European Commission, The World Bank and London School of Economics, amongst others.

Each lecture comes with a 15 min video lecture, a synopsis of the lecture, an mp3, and links to further reading. They are available for free either through UN-Habitat’s YouTube channel, or for the full packages go to the official Global Urban Lectures page.