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Global Urban Lectures – Suggest a lecture

With the 5th season in the making and over 140,000 views, the Global Urban Lecture Series  are the most viewed videos of UN-Habitat.

If you are interested in applying to record a lecture, please fill out the form below.

Important information on applying

The below form allows you to introduce yourself as well as the outline, content and title of a proposed 15 min lecture. Please note that this could be either an adapted pre-existing or a new lecture.

Choose a subject that you feel passionate about and of which you have in-depth experience and sufficient expertise developed throughout your career.  If selected, the information provided below will be used for the promotion of your lecture, as seen here.

NOTE It is very important that you present your analysis and the propositions you make, and draw on examples and empirical evidence. To be accepted for the series the subject lecture needs to demonstrate a sound analysis of problems and issues at stake, propositions to address them and examples that demonstrate how such propositions actually work, are being tested or have been implemented. Your outline needs to reflect this.

If selected, we will contact you to request a power point presentation based on the above outline. Following this, if selected the recording takes the form of a 15 minute lecture in front of a white screen, without an audience.

The presentation of the lecturer is added in post-edit and is particularly suited to be picture, not text, based. The power point will need to include the original of your photos (high resolution) and graphs as well as references and copyrights quotes.

More about the series

The Global Urban Lecture Series is UN-Habitat’s lecture series by prominent experts and urban actors, launched by UN-Habitat’s partnerships with universities worldwide – UNI. You can find the full information as well as all online lecture packages available here www.unhabitat.org/urbanlectures.

The Global Urban Lecture series was officially launched April 8, 2014 at the World Urban Forum 7. It is currently one of the most viewed and shared UN-Habitat social media posts of all times. The views and shares are constantly rising as the awareness of the series grows.

The aim of the series is to gather expertise and experience from renowned international scholars and professionals who excel in their fields, and share this knowledge with a wide audience of urban actors. Each lecture package is comprised of a 15 min video about a subject related to cities and urbanisation, a short biography of the speaker, a synopsis of the session as well as references to additional reading materials by which the viewer can expand his/her knowledge on the subject of the lecture.

Through its association with UNI, these lectures reach out to a global audience that includes the over 200 universities who are associated with UN-Habitat, as well as the other Habitat Agenda partners and general public concerned with the urban future. The lectures are available for free online, are not to be used for commercial purposes and may be used by scholars and educational institutions as part of their educational programmes.


  • Crosscutting subjects, from gender to slum mapping, big data to local DIY solutions, on policy and on practice.
  • Featuring lecturers across the board, from South Africa to Singapore, including Dr. Joan Clos, Shlomo Angel, Sheela Patel from Slum Dwellers International, and speakers from Berkeley, University of Cape Town, and MIT.


  • Out of UN-Habitat’s top 10 most viewed videos, the Global Urban Lectures occupies 7.
  • Viewer gender distribution: Male 55%, Women 45%
  • Most viewers 18-44 age group. Top age group 25-34.
  • Viewed in 57 countries – top 20 are: US, Kenya, UK, India, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Netherlands, Colombia, France, Italy,  Mexico, Spain, South Africa, Indonesia, Ecuador, Australia, Vietnam, South Korea, Sweden.
Lecture examples from previous seasons:


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