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Global Urban Lectures launches its 4th season!

By on May 19, 2017

Global Urban Lectures launches its 4th season!

UN-Habitat’s Global Urban Lecture series collect and share knowledge related to the New Urban Agenda through free 15 minute video lectures by urban experts associated with the work of UN-Habitat .

The series documents knowledge and experience on all UN-Habitat priorities, and reaches out to a new generation of urban professionals who will soon be the ones taking crucial positions in the makings of our future cities.

By the end of its third season the series had reached 100,000 views and occupied 7 out of 10 places of UN-Habitat’s most viewed videos. It is currently viewed in over 60 countries with a gender distribution of  55% men and 45% women;

50% of viewers fall within the 25-34 age range, making it an effective tool for reaching young decision-makers.

The lectures focus on crosscutting subjects – from gender to slum mapping, big data to local DIY solutions, on policy and on practice.

They feature lecturers across the board, from South Africa to Singapore, including Dr. Joan Clos, Shlomo Angel, Sheela Patel from Slum Dwellers International, and speakers from the University of Berkeley, University of Cape Town, and MIT.

Besides the video each lecture also includes a synopsis, a biography of the speaker, an MP3 and links to additional reading material for further study.

The upcoming season 4 was recorded at Habitat III, has 13 new lectures, and includes speakers from amongst others the European Commission, London School of Economics, and the World Bank.

Find all seasons of the Global Urban Lectures here

We welcome you to share the global urban lectures with your networks, for comments and suggestions, please contact UNI@unhabitat.org