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“Gender and Urban Planning: Issues and Trends” 2012

By on July 3, 2018

“This report aims to raise awareness about the way the planning of urban settlements affects gender equality and women’s empowerment. A secondary aim is to ensure that urban planners and those involved with planning understand that urban planning has a role to play in assisting women to achieve their rights in the political, economic, social and educational fields. The report shows how urban planning can help contribute to delivering the international commitment to gender equality and empowerment of women as stated in the Millennium Development Goals, the Habitat Agenda the Beijing Platform for Action, the Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination (CEDAW) and other internationally agreed-upon commitments.

Urban planning affects the sustainability, accessibility, usability, design and quality of places. Since the way women and men live their lives differs, urban planning may well deepen inequalities if gender differences are not recognised and taken into account in plans and projects. And since gender cuts across other equality groupings such as disability, age and religion, a need exists to ensure that planning addresses diverse groups of women and men. This report examines how urban planners initially neglected gender as the profession developed, how subsequent movements in urban planning have attempted to address gender equality and the requirements that remain for recognising and accommodating the specific needs of women and men in urban environments around the world.”

Reeves, D. Gender Urban Planning