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Discussion – From concept to hard hats (Women in Sustainable Housing)

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Welcome to the discussion!

Women In Sustainable Housing (WISH)  aims to increase women’s decent work in the sustainable housing sector. It will reach this goal through three main achievements: 1) increasing access of women in low income populations to decent work in the sustainable housing sector; 2) promoting an enabling policy framework for growth of the sustainable housing sector; 3) promoting enhanced domestic finance resources for sustainable housing.

This discussion will be open from 2016-03-01 to 2016-04-01, after which the points will be summarized and posted under the Gender Hub on the UNI Portal.


Angela Mwai, Unit Leader, Gender Equality Unit, UN-Habitat
Angela leads the Gender Equality Unit of UN-Habitat since November 2012. The primary objective of the unit is to mainstream gender equality and women’s empowerment in all UN-Habitat’s policies, projects and programmes. She is responsible to ensure gender perspectives are encompassed in all of UN-Habitat’s work through the organisations thematic branches and regional offices and their projects and programmes. She is also responsible for the development of tools and guidelines for encouraging gender equality and women’s’ empowerment issues within the organisation. In addition to raising awareness on the importance of gender equality through advocacy at, she is also responsible for capacity building on gender equality issues both internally to colleagues and externally to partners and to develop gender responsive programmes/projects for implementation with branches. Previous to joining the UN, Angela was a banker for 21 years in various capacities.

Rocio Armillas Tiseyra, Gender Specialist, Gender Equality Unit, UN-Habitat
Rocio is currently a Gender Specialist at the Gender Equality Unit at UN-Habitat. Her roles include mainstreaming gender equality and women’s empowerment  perspectives into all UN-Habitat project and programmes, fostering existing and new partnerships, and strengthening the capacity of the staff. Previously, she has held positions in research, education and finance.

Summarized discussion outcomes (progressive)
Gender equality initiatives in relation to the construction sector:
Bolivia, Cochabamba – “Fundacion PROCASHA”, http://procasha.org/ (by Lilia Blades)

Do you know of any initiatives to bring gender equality into the construction sector in your country?