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Climate Resilient City and Urban Environmental Sustainability – Training course

By on March 6, 2018

Dates: 11-17 April 2018

Deadline for applications: 10 March 2018 (extended deadline)


UN-Habitat and IUTC have been closely collaborating in training and capacity building for a decade.  The next up-coming training offers an intensive, dynamic and rich learning environment for senior managers, practitioners and policymakers from Asia.  The course aims at providing the participants with an overall understanding of climate compatible urban development, city resilience and sustainable environmentally friendly urbanisation, both on a theoretical and practical level.  It offers an interactive learning environment where participants are stimulated to exchange their experiences and learn from theories and practice in various parts of Asia and the Pacific with additional references from other parts of the world that are relevant for Asia.

With a practice-oriented approach,  participants are encouraged to create preliminary actions and strategies for urban resilience and green development for their cities. Thus, participants will enjoy a peer-to-peer learning environment for participants to discuss and prioritise issues and gap in addressing the climate challenges through national and local policies, capacity development and knowledge management to stimulate the creation of a community of practice among Asian cities.  The training course will also provide up-to-date materials for policymakers and urban practitioners for enhancing their capacity to implement the key international agreements on resilience in human settlements, such as 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, New Urban Agenda and Paris Agreement on Climate Change. As a result, it allows participants to make their cities more climate compatible, sustainable and resilient.

Download application forms and course outline from CRCUES 2018