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Call for expression of interest to support the UN-Habitat Capacity Building Programme for City Leaders in Ethiopia

By on September 19, 2019


Ethiopia’s rapid rate of urbanization (5%) is posing several challenges on the management of the cities in many fronts. In addition, the issue of high turnover of Ethiopia’s city leaders accompanied with low training skills in the relevant fields means that urbanization is being led without proper understanding of the basics. The relatively low level of urbanization (less than 22%) also means that it is the right time to strengthen the skills of urban leaders in the country.

Earlier this year, through its Ethiopia Country Program, UN-Habitat conducted a training needs assessment (TNA) to understand the capacity development gaps of city leaders and urban practitioners throughout the country. Results of the TNA show that several areas of intervention require the preparation and delivery of practical and context-specific trainings for Ethiopian city leaders.

UN-Habitat is seeking training, capacity building or higher education institutions to provide services to its Capacity Building Programme for City Leaders in Ethiopia. The Programme aims at providing long term capacity building to the national and sub-national administrations, cities of various sizes and regional universities which are all involved in the process.

Specifically, the themes identified as priorities through the TNA process include:


1 – Land management (Regulations, rights attached to land use, allocations, monitoring; Land-based finance, revenue generation, value assessment and land for capital investment);
2 – Affordable housing (Supply of serviced land and affordable housing within a planned urbanization framework, including urban regeneration and informal settlements upgrading; Provision of affordable housing: adapted technical and economic solutions);
3 – Effective urban governance (Delivery of basic services; City Performance Monitoring Framework);
4 – Regional and urban planning (Urban Planning in the context of rapid urban growth; Regional Planning for integrated and balanced territorial development; Social inclusion and safer cities; Urban Resilience;)
5 – Finance (Resource mobilization for cities; Development of Capital Investment Plans);
6 – Local Economic Development and Job Creation (The LED Framework and its application to Ethiopia; MSEs and job creation; Business Development supports and small enterprise success);

Through this call, UN-Habitat invites training, capacity building or higher education institutions to express their interest in supporting this Programme through the delivery of training modules, capacity building activities and the transfer of knowledge to universities throughout the country.

Proposals should be sent to unhabitat-uni@un.org by the 30th of September 2019.

Content of the proposals

The proposals should not exceed 4 pages and must include the following information:
1- Name and contact details of the focal point in the institution;
2- Short presentation of the institution;
3- References: brief description of courses, programmes and training developed and delivered that are relevant to this call;
4- Topics of interest and approach proposed by the institution in support the Programme;

Requests for additional information can be sent to unhabitat-uni@un.org.