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Call for researchers – Gender Hub

By on January 22, 2019

The Gender Hub of UNI has launched a call for researchers to participate in joint research generating theoretical and practical tools from a feminist perspective, aiming to contribute to the construction of knowledge in these disciplinary fields; guaranteeing the Right to the City and inclusion of diversity, recovering and strengthening, in particular, the advances of Centers and Universities in Latin America, as well as recognising the contribution of Women to this disciplinary field.  To think feminism and city is to think of equality and diversity, so the production of feminist knowledge from the academy will provide theoretical arguments and the dissemination of practices that help to deepen the rights already achieved.

The call is structured in four axes:

    1. Theoretical Study of Feminist Urbanism
    2. The absence of women in the History of Architecture
    3. Urban Problems: Women in the City, Neighborhood, House
    4. Feminist Architectures

To register, kindly go to the following link: arquitecturasfeministas.home.blog/convocatoria/
For further information, kindly contact our Hub members or write an email to genderhub.unhabitat@gmail.com 

Invitation Ana Falu
Invitación de Ana Falu