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Building resilient and sustainable urban areas

Name of project
Building resilient and sustainable urban areas
Short summary
The project will explore transformative urban development strategies through networking in the region for knowledge sharing, research prioritization and validation of urban development pathways. Focus will be on risk, urban infrastructure-livelihoods nexus and urban ecosystems-resource flow.
Rural urban linkages have increasingly attracted research and policy response in context of city regions. Coupled with climate change risks that cities in Africa face, the need for exploring different transformation pathways for sustainable urban development is critical. The impacts of resource degradation to distal places from which cities draw resources couple with exportation of pollution by that makes it necessary to rethink urban development pathways.
urban development pathways in Africa whose planning and management requirements, needs and standards will better be understood through recognition of the underlying social and political factors that shape urbanization. this knowledge network will advance the understanding to inform action
Main activity/activities, accomplishments and deliverables
Assessment of opportunities and existing knowledge with the partners on the urban sustainability

Organize knowledge synthesis workshops in Kampala for the all the partners and municipalities

Conduct systematic literature review on sustainable urban development

Policy dialogues and reports

Initiate Climate Action plans in selected cities

Expected accomplishments
At least one workshop in each the four selected cities

At least one draft climate action plan

Documented good practices on climate actions at community level

Documented good practices on climate change at city level

Shared vision for leapfrogging energy intensive urban development among participating urban areas

A published synthesis paper on urban sustainability

Presentation at conferences

Workshop reports

Climate Action Plan

Booklet showcasing good practices

Knowledge repository for urban development pathways

PowerPoint presentations at conferences and wokshops

Thematic Hub
Climate Change
UN-Habitat themes
  • Social Inclusion
  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Economy
Partners involved in the project – Institution + contact name & title
Bolanle Wahab, FNITP
Centre for Sustainable Development
University of Ibadan,
P. O. Box 22182,
U. I. Post Office, Ibadan, Nigeria.Denis Tugume
Ethiopian Civil Service College
+251 933941166
tugume_denis@yahoo.co.ukAtwine Kanuniira Moses
Directorate of Physical Planning
Kampala Capital City Authority
Cell No: 0794 660940
Potential/requested partners involved in the project
Mussa Natty
Kinondoni Municiapl Director
Dar Es Salaam
mussanatty@yahoo.comAssociate Professor Peter Ngau
Department of Urban and Regional Planning
School of the Built Environment
University of Nairobi
P.O Box 30197- 00100
Tel./Fax: 254-20-2319187 (office), 254-722- 658781 (Mobile)
E-mail: Pngau@uonbi.ac.ke, peterngau@gmail.com
Responsibilities and roles
Makerere University and Hub, Lead institution

Partners, implementation of city workshops and contributing to syntheses

Breakdown of required resources
City Workshop costs 1200 x 4 = 4800
City Workshop materials 1500 x 4 = 6000
International workshop in Uganda with regional partners 15000 x 1 = 15000
Publication of paper open source 1700 x 1 = 1700
Printing banners, materials 2000 1 2000
Visas and ground transport during visits 75 x 4 = 300
Other costs 200 x 1 = 200
Total budget of proposed project
$ 30,000
Aquired funds
$ 5,000 from Seed fund for augmenting waste economies for alternative energy
Requested funds
$ 25,000
Project leader
Name , title and association of project leader
Shuaib Lwasa Associate Professor, Urban Geography and Spatial Planning Department of Geography, Geo-Informatics and Climatic Sciences School of Forestry, Environmental and Geographical Sciences, CAES Makerere University P.O Box 7062, Kampala Arts Building, East Wing Ground Floor Room 12 Tel: +256 (0) 772461727 Alt: +256 (0) 702461727 Home: +256 (0414) 596619
Contact email
Additional contact email