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Affordable Housing Investment Summit

By on June 10, 2019

With only 28 days to go, on 26th-27th June, 2019, hundreds of regional and international C-level executives from the affordable housing sector in Africa will gather at Affordable Housing Investment Summit at Radisson Blu, Naiorbi, Kenya to discuss about the investment and development opportunities in affordable housing sector in Africa. This year high profile speakers have attracted significant media attention and interest from delegates across the affordable housing chain.

Top Affordable Housing Sessions at AHIS, 2019

  1. The past, present and future of Affordable Housing sector in Africa
  2. The most promising countries for Affordable Housing: Investors Perspective
  3. Getting real about Affordable Housing: What will it take to make it work?
  4. Accessing funding for Affordable Housing through capital funds
  5. Development of Affordable Housing: What matters the most?
  6. The challenges & experience with affordable housing provision in global context.

Above are only some of the topics which will be presented during the summit. To view the full agenda, Register Here.

A platform for deal making in Affordable Housing:

To fast track the affordable housing in Africa, AHIS will provide a unique platform for investors and developers to engage and discuss over potential investments in Africa.

This is your opportunity to do business with who’s who of African Affordable Housing Sector.

Catch up with your industry colleague at AHIS. Click here to register today. Seats are limited.