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By on September 24, 2019

Universidad Autónoma del Caribe





Calle 90 # 46 – 112

+57 5 3853400

Official Focal Point
Alfredo Arrieta Príncipe

Alternate Focal Point
Pablo Arturo Yepes Carvajal

Authority approving the partnership
Emilia Velásquez Velásco, Dean – Architecture, Art & Design Faculty



1. Universidad Autónoma del Caribe

1.1. Academic Focus

Barranquilla’s Education Centre with its own identity, strengthening daily life autonomy, self-regulation, human dignity and democracy, demonstrating its commitment to education and integral human being formation, conscious that society’s knowledge and the influence of globalization are a permanent challenge that demands immediate responses from higher education’s decision-makers.

1.2. Aim

Offering opportunities for higher education to the wider community, according to current professional activity, expanding the quality academic proffering through new options as a response to the educational needs of the Colombian’s Caribbean region.

1.3. Special Competencies

The curriculum offered at the ‘Universidad Autónoma del Caribe’ is based on the flexible integration principle of knowledge, both between the humanities and the sciences, as well as between the humanities and vocational training.

2. Architecture, Art & Design Faculty

2.1. Academic Focus

Commitment to generate, disseminate and validate knowledge of wisdom related to architecture, urbanism and territorial and environment science; with the Design of Spaces and the architectural interior; with Graphic Design and the disciplines of visual communication; with Fashion Design and temporary expressions of dress, for which it assumes the responsibility of training professionals with the highest standards of quality from a humanist perspective that contribute competitively to regional development.

2.2. Aim

Being recognized both academically and professionally for its ability to impact positively the search for a competitive Caribbean region, through its contributions to technological innovation, creativity and sustainable environmental design.

2.3. Special Competencies

The ‘Universidad Autónoma del Caribe’s’ Architecture, Art & Design Faculty, has human and physical resources that contribute to the development of academic and research activities.

It also has 4 floors building with 18 classrooms (discriminated in 6 theoreticians and 12 practical) and administrative offices for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Besides, other spaces have been created to complement the activities, such as:
a) A workshop for the Fashion Design and Haute Couture program.
b) A Faculty Auditorium.
c) Caribbean Research Centre, dedicated to advancing the programs’ research processes.
d) Urban Renewal Observatory.
e) Laboratory of Professional Competences.
f) Laboratory of Photography.
g) Rooms for computer science.

3. Urban Renewal Observatory

3.1. Academic Focus
The main academic focus of this research unit is to develop actions and activities aimed at achieving:

a) urban renewal and territorial development processes, under the sustainable development premises
b) both urban and territorial planning knowledge circulation
c) specific Caribbean region urban problems knowledge building

3.2. Aim

Constituting as a collaborative workspace between the University and public and private entities, for the development of actions and activities aimed at achieving urban renewal and territorial development processes under the premises of sustainable development such as:

a) formulating and designing research projects, developing academic activities of various kinds: conferences, meetings, conferences, congresses, symposia, seminars, support for researchers and students;
b) promoting the creation, implementation and implementation of a regional urban information and documentation system;
c) publishing and publishing magazines, books and any kind of documents in magnetic and printed media about the work being done;
d) implementing interinstitutional mechanisms to enable students to participate and link effectively in joint activities.

3.3. Special Competencies

The Renewal Urban Observatory – ORU, provides direct specialists’ advisory services in both Architecture and Urbanism areas, as well as it’s articulated with the Faculty’s Architecture Program.

Similarly, it tends to update and to resolve urban problems raised by the Caribbean regional context.

These activities are facilitated by the ORU’s networks such as Revitalization of the Historical Center of the Cities of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Suggested Collaboration Opportunities
The specific areas of collaboration between the two entities are expected to be:

1. Design and implementation of research projects in the study areas of urban governance, urban regeneration, informal urbanism, social housing and urban planning.

2. Development of an Urban Information Database system: housing, demography, migration, income inequalities and transport; collected during the architecture program distinctive academic exercise: Urban Route.

3. Exchange of knowledge through inter-institutional and international cooperation.

4. Research collaboration based on the alliance with the Local Urban Observatory of the Metropolitan Area of Barranquilla, which allows the evaluation of local public policies with civic participation.

Areas of Expertise related to UN-Habitat
  • Planning and Design
  • Housing
  • Governance
  • Environment