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By on February 15, 2016
Name of university

Architecture Media Politics Society (AMPS)

7 Station Road
L25 3PY


Official Focal Point
Rachel Isaac-Menard

Alternate Focal Point
Mark Hanna

Authority approving the partnership
Dr. Graham Cairns – Director AMPS; Honorary Senior Research Associate, UCL




AMPS is a non-profit Higher Education Research Support Organization run in partnership with universities across the UK.

It functions as a national and international l cross university network for academic research and publications.

Its university partners are selected on the basis of their shared commitment to the fields of housing and urban technologies.

Potential Collaboration Opportunities

1. Cross Sector Working Group – Housing. An invitation to:

i) participate in a UK wide series of workshops, and knowledge exchange events for professionals, academics, non-profits and informed public representatives around the issue of housing design, delivery and management. The scope here is the UK but the knowledge and ideas generated are shared internationally. See below:

2. Housing – Critical Futures. An invitation to UN University partners to:

i) disseminate and inform their research into the design and provision of affordable housing by engaging with this international series of academic events at universities worldwide;

ii) present research for publication in the two book series on affordable housing associated with this research programme and its existing university network globally.

3. The Mediated City. An invitation to UN University partners to:

i) disseminate and inform their research at this international series of conferences held as universities worldwide. Each event is concerned with the impact of new technologies and medias on the design and civic engagement and delivery of services in urban settings worldwide;

ii) present research for publication in the book series associated with this research programme and its international university network.

4. Information Professional and Research Librarian Training Scheme. An opportunity for:

i) the continued professional development of university librarians in the support of academic research in the field of the built environment. This CPD programme focuses on preparing research librarians for new models of support and dissemination of research in the built environment through open access forums.

Areas of Expertise related to UN-Habitat
  • Social Inclusion
  • Planning and Design
  • Housing
  • Governance
  • Environment