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2nd Urbanism at Borders Global Conference

By on January 22, 2019

In the upcoming 2nd Urbanism at Borders Global Conference in Malaga 2019, we do not only aim to debate on the various existing realities where these polarities happen but also aim to advance our knowledge through various researches capable of defining these eccentricities, questioning the bottom-up activism, critically reviewed the maverick governmental policies, or of any other interventionist urban theories. Also, if grounded in architecture and urbanism practices, the conference will look for radical proposals related to multidisciplinary actions in the fields of art, activism, human rights, law, amongst others.


A.- Society-led borders

  • Ethnography of Social borders
  • Blurring borders of socio-economic divisions
  • Ethnicity, social capital and borders

B.- Economy-led borders

  • Competitions of New economy of GLOCAL and social polarities
  • Social divisions of labour and neighbourhood clusters
  • Economic downturn, social displacement and borders of urban voids

C.- Policy-led borders

  • City planning, urban intervention and physical segregation
  • Staggering planning policies, developmental incoherence and urban borders
  • Struggle of people-policy and urban scars

Abstract format (DEADLINE 30 JAN): • Please use the form under the SEND ABSTRACT menu • You may find useful to prepare previously your abstract on any word processor, and later on copy and past into the form • Keep in mind that the abstract is limited to 300 words • State the core theme, objectives, methods, case study for paper submission or documentary film submission • The abstract and full paper will be peer-reviewed by the scientific committee, according with the conference’s timeline. Accepted full papers will be published by Routledge on Urbanism at Borders Reader series, after the conference.

For further information: Conference website