With the 5th season in the making and over 140,000 views, UN-Habitat UNI’s ‘Global Urban Lectures’ are the most viewed videos of UN-Habitat.

The 15 min video lectures document Sustainable Urban Development knowledge of urban experts associated with UN-Habitat and shares it across UN-Habitat’s wide partner base across the globe.

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Global Urban Lectures s05e03: Ko Koens – Slum Tourism

Global Urban Lectures s05e02: Alison Brown – The Urban Informal Economy

Global Urban Lectures s05e01: Ines Sanchez de Madariaga – Mobility of Care

Global Urban Lectures – release of the fifth season!

Call for self-recording lecturers

Global Urban Lectures s04e12: Carlosfelipe Pardo – Reducing speeds for better mobility and quality of life

Global Urban Lectures s04e11: Luisa Bravo – Stand up for public space

Global Urban Lectures s04e10: Lewis Dijkstra – The tale of broadville and narrowtown: Why we need a global, people-based definition of cities and settlements

Global Urban Lectures s04e09: Geoffrey Payne – Improving urban tenure security and property rights

Global Urban Lectures S04e08: Fernando Murillo – A Compass for cities

Global Urban Lectures s04e07: Carolyn Whitzman – A Collaborative Partnership Approach to Affordable Housing in Vancouver, Toronto, Portland, and Melbourne

Global Urban Lectures s04e06: Somik Lall – Africa’s Cities: Opening Doors to the World

Global Urban Lectures S04e05: Sameh Wahba – Competitive Cities for Jobs and Growth: What, Who and How

Global Urban Lectures s04e04: Thomas Coggin – The role of urban law in the new urban agenda

Global Urban Lectures s04e03: Michele Acuto – Networking City Leadership

Global Urban Lectures s04e02: Philipp Rode – Cities and the new climate economy: The role of urban form and transport

Global Urban Lectures launches its 4th season!

Global Urban Lectures s04e01: Diana Mitlin – Coproducing for Sustainable Cities

Global Urban Lectures reaches 100,000 views!

Call for lecturers attending Habitat III

NEW LECTURE RELEASE: S03E07 ILLAC DIAZ – Solving Energy Poverty, a liter at a time

NEW LECTURE RELEASE: S03E06 RICHARD SLIUZAS – Implications of developments in geo-spatial tech

NEW LECTURE RELEASE: S03E05 KECIA RUST – Extending access to housing finance across Africa

New lecture release: S03E04 RONALD WALL – Global Economic Competitor

New lecture release: S03E03 Ana Falú – Gender perspectives in urban planning

New lecture release: S03E02 Steffen Lehmann – Transforming the city towards Low-Carbon Resilience

New lecture release: S03E01 Sheela Patel – The Federation Model of Community Organization

s03 of the Global Urban Lectures launched!

UNI at APUF-6, Jakarta

Global Urban Lectures featured among best MOOCs on Cities.

Global Urban Lectures – Now on iTunes U!

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